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Eat my fuck.

Big Sexyland

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5 March 1981
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Hi, I'm Bosco.

And now that the introductions are squared away...


Terror Alert Level
, 1000 homo dj's, :wumpscut:, alain jourgensen, american gladiators, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, army of darkness, atari teenage riot, audio commentaries, babyland, big black, brandon dicamillo, calvin and hobbes, camp kill yourself, cevin key has herpes, cky, combichrist, comic books, dancing badly, david cross, daydreaming, dead kennedys, death by stereo, depeche mode, donnie darko, drawing, drum machines, drumming, ed temple, evolution, excessive force, family guy, fight club, front 242, george carlin, ghostbusters, glen benton sucks balls, golgo 13, good soda, grandma lets jedediah in, green jelly, guns n' roses, hating lynyrd skynyrd, henry rollins, house m.d., if i did it, invader zim, jail, jet grind radio, joey-cat, johnny the homicidal maniac, joke!, karaoke, king missile, kiss, kmfdm, ladytron, lard, learning, life, listening, long drives, looking shabby, lords of acid, lurking, mc chris, mdfmk, milk and cheese, ministry, mountain dew, nihilism, ninjas, ninjaville, nintendo, nirvana, numb, oddities, patton oswalt, pee-wee herman, pensiveness, pig, pigface, praga khan, primus, puppet gun, ren and stimpy, revolting cocks, rictus grin, robocop, ron white, rose mcgowan, salisbury steak, sascha konietzko, scott pilgrim, screaming, scud the disposable assassin, sifl and olly, skinny puppy, slacker comics, sleeping, smashing glass houses, snake plissken, snakes on a plane, speed racer, spider-man, spongebob squarepants, static-x, tales of adventure, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the bitch toss, the chemical brothers, the faint, the frogs, the letter Я, the prodigy, the simpsons, the young ones, thinking, thrill kill kult, trivia, type o negative, using the restroom, vergüenza, vnv nation, wax trax, ween, wesley willis, white castle, wii, words, working, writing

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