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LaLALAlaLAAAAlaaa... LaLAAAALAAAAlalalaaa...

I'm okay now.

My old car is gone. Thanks to some very helpful people, I now have a 2001 Prizm. I'm liking it a lot.

Let's seeeeeeee, what else? Emily and I are slated to move into a place in May. Kinda daunting. But I know it will be fine.

Been hooked on Animal Crossing: City Folk. This is a vital addiction I have, as it keeps me from spending money on frivolities. Who would've thought?

Lawsuit money is still trickling in. It'll be done in a few months.

Atomic Records is going under. It's really sad. Records stores really ARE becoming a thing of the past. But you know what? I'm not going to stop buying music from a tangible source until such places no longer exist. By the looks of it, that's where we're headed. Cripes. I already outfitted Emily with an mp3 player on her birthday. I'm not really bragging. I'm underlining the importance of the realization I made, I guess.

Watchmen is gonna be so... BITCHIN'! It hits theaters on the day after my birthday. So guess "who watches the Watchmen," lol?

More later. I'm busy.
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