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Or maybe it's lupus.

Okay. I've been watching House M.D. for about a year and a half now. It was a program that really piqued my interest for a few reasons. The characters are great, the writing is fantastic, and the element of suspense really draws me in, I guess. As far as I'm concerned, they made a good show even better when they brought in Kal Penn. Now I feel as if the show may be approaching the end of its useful life to me and others.

In short, I'm calling right here and now that the show will jump the shark by the end of this season.

Here's my prediction: Cuddy is gonna have a baby, thus beginning the steady decline of everything that makes House so awesome. Now it's quite possible that I could be dead wrong on all of this. It's also possible, being that Bryan Singer is largely responsible for producing House, that there will be a gigantic plot twist and Cuddy won't have a baby due to some other tragic shit. For now, though, I am remaining skeptical. Because with any luck, the aforementioned plot twist will happen after the baby is born, which means they'd still jump the shark. In the unfortunate event of a shark being jumped, will I keep watching? Will House still be able to hack it, or will it become tripe? Will I have a show to fall back on, such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Forget the election. THESE are the issues that really matter.

In other TV news (and don't tell anyone that I said this), if American Gladiators comes back for another season, I may stop watching that, too.
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