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"Become wrath..."

So some assholes with whom I work told me that Barack Obama is a Muslim who hates America. Now, let's pretend for a moment that those statements are true, and that none of that was taken into consideration before his nomination by the DNC and ask the following...

Even if he is a follower of Islam, why does that matter?
Seriously, now. What is everyone's obsession with automatically discrediting religions that aren't their own? Does that give me the right to complain that we don't have a big-ticket atheist nominee? There's no cause to believe that a US president, no matter his religion, would make a Christian majority such as America into a regime that is foreign to even itself.

At this point, who doesn't hate America?
This is a question asked by me strictly out of rage. It's like when David Cross says he hates (America's) freedom because it allows things like electric scissors to be profitable or people like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie to be successful. I HATE OUR FREEDOM, TOO. I hate the fact that the ignorant fuckos that I work with are allowed freedom of speech. I hate it because I fear that they are in the majority around here. They are the ones whose voices are going to be heard. It's not fair. Is this how you want America to be represented? The worst part of this is that I don't feel like we have anything to gain even if I disproved them. They will still vote for McCain before they have sufficient facts.

Boy, do I ever wanna leave with Emily and live somewhere in Canada. I can't go to Canada anymore, though. It seems that a DUI offense will bar you from that particular country. I really shot myself in the foot that way, didn't I? Well, fuck...
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